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The experience of travelling is blissful and expensive at the same time. A crowded station or airport with people running around, hours of waiting, and ensuring you have everything you need sounds like an ideal recipe for disaster. There is a good thing about credit cards. A credit card that provides complimentary lounge access is the best way to escape such a nightmare same as BEST CREDIT CARDS FOR RENT PAYMENTS. The following is a list of the best credit cards that offer lounge access. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The benefit of access to airport lounges offered by credit cards is often underutilized by cardholders. If you arrive at the airport a few hours before your flight, you can relax in the airport lounge. At these airport lounges, you can also enjoy delicious food while relaxing. There is only a small charge of Rs. 2 or Rs. 25 depending on your type of card, VISA or MasterCard.

When you travel with Best Airport Lounge Credit Card, you experience luxury like never before. You can find solace in lounges that are exclusive to airports. You can enjoy luxurious seating, gourmet meals, and refreshments at no or minimal charge. You can access domestic lounges and international lounges to refresh yourself. Your journey begins here. Waiting is more than just a prelude. The elegance of air travel is enhanced with comforts at your fingertips. When you can travel in style, why just go on a trip? Take a look at the best airport lounge credit cards today and apply.

What are the Best Airport Lounge Credit Cards?

What are the Best Airport Lounge Credit Cards?
What are the Best Airport Lounge Credit Cards?

The Best Airport Lounge Credit Card provides users with access to exclusive airport lounges. Banks and credit card companies offer these cards as rewards for frequent travelers. Many airport lounges offer amenities such as comfortable seating, complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, workstations, showers, and even spa treatments. A travel credit card can also provide travelers with benefits such as insurance, priority boarding, concierge services, rewards, booking discounts, and even airport transfers.

How Does Airport Lounge Access Work?

The only thing one needs to show in an airport lounge is a credit card in order to gain entry. A VIP lounge card holder receives assistance with airport procedures, check-ins, security checks, immigration procedures, porter services, as well as complimentary visits for guests accompanying them.

Some cards offer unlimited lounge access, while others have limited lounge access. The unlimited lounge access means you can use the services as many times as you’d like, while the limited lounge access means you can only use the services up to the limit, after that you are charged like a regular visitor.

Your eligibility and the lounge operator’s policies may affect how you access airport lounges. The general procedure is as follows:

  • Not all Lounges are the Same: The airport lounge experience differs from one airport to another. Some premium credit cards provide access to more luxurious lounges with more amenities, while others provide fewer services in basic lounges. Be sure to read the specific terms and conditions attached to your credit card or travel booking in order to understand what is included in lounge access.
  • Find a Participating Lounge: A lounge access program may not be available at all lounges at an airport. It is important that you check your eligibility in order to figure out which lounges are accessible to you. These details are usually available on the websites of your credit card provider and airline, as well as at airport information desks.
  • Check-In: The lounge requires that you check in when you arrive. The type of card you must show depends on your eligibility, and can include a credit card, boarding pass, frequent flier card, or lounge card. You will be granted access to the lounge after your credentials have been verified.
  • Enjoy the Lounge: The lounge will often have a variety of foods and drinks (including alcohol in many cases), reading materials, and sometimes even showers and spa services, so make sure to take advantage of those amenities once you arrive. A lounge offers a peaceful and comfortable setting away from a busy terminal.
  • Board Your Flight: You can tell when it’s time to board your flight by watching your flight’s departure time in the lounge. There are usually displays in lounges that display flight information, so you can keep track of the time and gate of your departure.
  • Departure: When it’s time to depart, make your way to the departure gate. Airport shuttles or walking may be required to reach some lounges because they are located near the departure gates.

What is Domestic Lounge Access on Credit Cards?

Cardholders who own a Domestic Lounge access card can use airport lounge facilities provided by the credit card company. There are many benefits and privileges offered by airport lounges, including complimentary food, air conditioning in the hall/seating area, beds, a spa, Wi-Fi, television facilities, and much more. Credit cards come with predefined lounge access, but a super-premium card may offer unlimited access.

TOp 4 Best Credit Card For Free Airport Lounge Access In India

Here are the top 4 Best Credit Card For Free Airport Lounge Access In India

SBI Elite Credit Card

SBI Elite Credit Card offers all-round benefits across multiple categories, making it one of the best credit cards with airport lounge access in India. The card is a great option for anyone looking for lounge access both domestically and internationally, in addition to offering a high reward rate and a low foreign exchange mark-up fee of 1.99%. Even though there is an annual fee of Rs. 4,999, the rewards provided by the card surpass the fee, if they are utilized to their full potential. One of the best lounge access credit cards offers the following features and benefits:

Features & Benefits of SBI Elite Credit Card

Lounge Access Benefits:

  • The Priority Pass membership is worth $99 and is complimentary
  • 6 complimentary visits to international lounges (maximum 2 per quarter)
  • Two complimentary visits per quarter to domestic lounges

Other Benefits:

  • Gift voucher worth Rs. 5,000 as a welcome gift
  • Club Vistara membership is complimentary
  • Get 5X rewards on dining, grocery, and department store purchases
  • An annual gift of Rs. 6,000 in movie tickets
  • A maximum of 50,000 bonus points per year

Joining Fee: Rs. 4,999
Annual Fee: Rs. 4,999

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card

The HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card offers lounge access to primary and add-on cardholders, as well as travel, shopping, and dining benefits. Various popular brands offer accelerated reward points that can be redeemed for travel bookings, Gold Catalogue items, and even converted to Air Miles. Also, the card charges a lower foreign exchange mark-up fee of 2% than the typical 3.5% charged by most cards. It offers a number of key benefits that make it a top lounge access credit card:

Features & Benefits of HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card

Lounge Access Benefits:

  • Upon completion of at least four card transactions per year, both primary and add-on card members will get 6 complimentary airport lounge visits per year outside India via Priority Pass
  • Visits to 12 airport lounges within India per year are complimentary

Other Benefits:

  • A free Club Vistara Silver Tier membership as well as a complimentary MMT Black Elite membership upon reaching Rs. 1 lakh spends within 90 days of joining
  • A gift voucher for Rs. 2,500 is given upon payment of the joining fee
  • A reward point is worth Rs. 4 for every Rs. 150 spent on retail items, including insurance, utilities, and education
  • Using Myntra, Marks & Spencer, Reliance Digital, and Nykaa rewards points will earn you a total of 20 reward points per Rs. 150 spent
  • Dine out with Swiggy Dineout and save up to 20%
  • If you spend Rs. 1.5 lakh quarterly, you will receive a voucher worth Rs. 1,500 from Marriott, Myntra, Marks & Spencer, or Reliance Digital
  • For annual spending of Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 7.5 lakh, you will receive a flight voucher worth Rs. 5,000 each

Joining Fee: Rs. 2,500
Annual Fee: Rs. 2,500 (waived off on spending Rs. 4 lakh in a year)

Axis Bank Select Credit Card

The Axis Bank Select Credit Card offers movie, grocery, dining, and other benefits. The program rewards users on every purchase and offers bonus points for meeting spending milestones. A comparatively low fee option among credit cards that offer lounge access is this Burgundy card, which costs Rs. 3,000 (free for Burgundy clients). Some of the major benefits of this lounge access credit card are as follows:

Features & Benefits of Axis Bank Select Credit Card

Lounge Access Benefits:

  • Priority Pass membership is complimentary
  • A complimentary visit to six international lounges per year
  • A complimentary domestic lounge visit every quarter

Other Benefits:

  • 2,000 Amazon Vouchers upon first card purchase within 90 days
  • Save 20% on BigBasket’s minimum purchase of 2,000 rupees (up to 500 rupees per month)
  • There is a 40% discount on Swiggy (up to Rs. 200)
  • Rewards points of 10 per Rs. 200; 2X points on retail purchases
  • You’ll get six complimentary golf rounds a year

Joining Fee: Rs. 3,000 (Nil for Burgundy Clients)
Annual Fee: Rs. 3,000

SBI Prime Credit Card

The SBI Prime Credit Card offers access to airport lounges internationally and domestically in India. The card also allows you to earn reward points of up to 10 per 100 rupees spent. The card offers travel benefits such as complimentary Club Vistara Silver Membership and Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership for a fee of Rs. 2,999. This card also offers impressive milestone benefits.

Features & Benefits of SBI Prime Credit Card

Lounge Access Benefits:

  • A maximum of 2 complimentary visits per quarter to Priority Pass lounges outside of India.
  • Visits to 8 domestic lounges per year (2 per quarter)

Other Benefits:

  • A welcome e-gift voucher worth Rs. 3,000 from our partners
  • All purchases earn 2 reward points per Rs. 100
  • Spending Rs. 100 on dining, groceries, department stores, and movies will earn you 10 reward points
  • Get a Pizza Hut voucher of Rs. 1,000 when you spend Rs. 50,000 in a quarter
  • Get Rs. 7,000 in Yatra or Pantaloons vouchers when you spend Rs. 5 lakh each year

Joining Fee: Rs. 2,999
Annual Fee: Rs. 2,999 (Waived off on spending Rs. 3 lakh in a year)

How to Apply for a Best Credit Card For Free Airport Lounge Access In India?

There may be differences between banks in the application process for Best Credit Card For Free Airport Lounge Access In India. The general steps to applying for the same are as follows:

  • You can visit the issuer’s official website.
  • Check if you are eligible for a travel card under the ‘Cards’ section. If you qualify, apply for it. You can move on to the next step if you are not.
  • Click on ‘Apply’ when you find a card that offers access to airport lounges.
  • Ensure that you are eligible.
  • It may take two to three working days for the bank to dispatch the credit card to your registered address if your credit card application is approved.

What to Look For in a Best Credit Card For Free Airport Lounge Access In India?

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the Best Credit Card For Free Airport Lounge Access In India:

  • There are some credit cards that do not offer complimentary access to airport lounges
  • Some airport lounge cards allow access only to domestic lounges while others allow access to both international and domestic lounges
  • Credit cards that offer unlimited lounge access are less common, but some super-premium cards do allow unlimited lounge time
  • The access to complimentary lounges can be restricted to certain spending milestones within a certain timeframe with some cards
  • Cards that offer lounge access programs like Priority Pass may give free visits, but they don’t give free memberships
  • The primary cardholder is usually the only one who receives complimentary visits under most credit cards

Are credit cards with lounge access worth the annual fee?

The value of a credit card that offers lounge access depends on your travel habits, your financial situation, and your preferences. The following factors should be taken into account:

Travel Frequency: Travelers who use airport lounges frequently, especially by air, can benefit greatly from a credit card that offers lounge access. The lounge provides a quiet and comfortable environment for working, relaxing, and enjoying refreshments and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Annual Fee vs. Lounge Visits: If you purchase lounge passes for your trips or an annual card, compare the annual fee with the cost of the card. There may be a cost benefit to purchasing lounge access separately if the total cost is more than the annual fee of the card.

Additional Card Benefits: Besides travel insurance, rewards, cashback, and concierge services, this card has a number of other perks. You may be able to offset the annual fee if these benefits align with your needs.

Travel Companions: If you have a card for the lounge, you may bring guests for free or at a reduced rate. The card’s value can be increased if you travel frequently with family or colleagues.

Brand Loyalty: There are some cards that are affiliated with specific airlines or hotel chains. Travelers who use these brands frequently might benefit from a co-branded credit card by earning loyalty points, receiving upgrades, or getting discounts.

Credit Score and Eligibility: It is important to meet the eligibility criteria for the card and continue to maintain a good credit score. A credit card with lounge access is often a premium card, and you should be financially responsible if you want to use it.

Offsetting the Fee: It is possible to reduce the annual fee on some premium cards by taking advantage of annual statement credits. The cost of lounge access may be covered by a travel credit.

How do I check if my credit card has airport lounge access?

You can check if you have access to airport lounges with your credit card by following these steps:

Check the Card’s Terms and Benefits Online: Visit your credit card issuer’s website and log in. Check your credit card’s terms, benefits, and features once you’re logged in. In this section, you will find information about airport lounge access.

Check the Welcome Kit or Brochure: The welcome kit or brochure that came with your credit card likely outlined its features and benefits. You can find information about lounge access in this material.

Contact Customer Service: Customer service will be able to provide you with information if you cannot find it on the company’s website or in the welcome kit. Your credit card usually has a customer service number on the back. You can obtain information about your card’s lounge access benefits from the customer service representative.

Check the Issuer’s Website: The benefits of each credit card are listed on dedicated websites maintained by credit card issuers. You can find your specific card on your issuer’s website by browsing to the relevant section. The benefits and features of the lounge should be listed on this page.

Read the Cardholder Agreement: You can find detailed terms and conditions in your cardholder agreement, which is usually included in your welcome kit or is available online. Access and eligibility information can be found in the “Airport Lounge Access” or “Travel Benefits” sections of the agreement.

Mobile App: There are some credit card issuers that offer mobile apps that provide information about the benefits of their cards. You can check lounge access details on your issuer’s app by downloading the app and logging in.

How to Use a Credit Card for Lounge Access at Airports?

The process of free airport lounge access with a credit card is quick and hassle-free. Here are the steps you need to follow carefully:

  • You should visit the domestic airport where you are taking your flight.
  • You can access the airport’s lounges with your card by visiting its reception.
  • You will be asked to provide your credit card and they will complete the remaining formalities.
  • A convenience fee will be charged after you enter your PIN. There will be a convenience fee of Re. A Visa credit card will require a non-refundable fee of $2, and a MasterCard will require a fee of Re.25 (refundable in 24 hours).
  • You need to give the receptionist your boarding pass and other required documents, so that they can stamp it.
  • You should ask for a copy of the receipt for the processing fee.
  • Enjoy all the amenities in the lounge.

A lounge can also be accessed using DreamFolks Web Access. It allows you to skip the queue and enter the lounge with just a QR code display, saving you valuable time. In order to use the app, you must first log in and add your cards.


Do I Use My Credit Card for Lounge Access?

A free lounge visit is only available for the number of visits that that card allows, after that you’ll be charged normal lounge fees.

How Do I Get Free Airport Lounge Access?

If you subscribe to a card providing this service, you will be able to access a lounge for free. It only takes a trip to the airport lounge and showing your credit card to the reception.

What Does Free Airport Lounge Access Mean?

There are many credit card issuers that provide free airport lounge passes as part of their special offers. You can use this feature with your card. Airport lounge access is free or discounted at affiliated national and/or international airports.

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