Day 11 Sapphire Inn Franklin NC

Writing this from the Sapphire Inn in Franklin NC, a trail town about 10 miles from the AT.

Last night we had a crazy rain storm around 9pm as we were just drifting off to sleep in Carter Gap Shelter. The rain was beating down on the tin roof so loud I wondered if I would be able to sleep. We all mobilized and grabbed our packs to secure them on the dry inside wall of the shelter. The rain continued for several hours, but I managed to drift off to sleep.

I was awoken in the middle of the night by two hikers entering the shelter who apparently had been night hiking and were caught in the storm. I was surprised to see in the morning that it was Shakespeare and Uncle Grant, who I hadn’t seen for a few days.

Last night I decided that I was sick of my food (quinoa and Vienna sausages are a bad combo) and wanted to haul ass into Franklin to resupply… So we hiked 12 miles through the rain and fog and ultimately sun over rain filled creeks, scary granite escarpments, and Mt Albert, down through flat hollows and green tunnels to Franklin.

josh and I yogied our way into these guys camp and dried our socks over their fire.

For much of the morning the fog was so think that otherwise expansive vistas were replaced by an abyss of fog. (see picture).

Josh and I hauled ass with Rollin and Strider in the afternoon to Rock Gap where we were picked up by Ron Haven who owns most of Franklin it seems and has about about 17 jobs and is running for county commissioner.

Anyways heading back for the trail tomorrow after a AYCE church breakfast.




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